Jeannette Austin as

Community Leadership Experience Vision Energy

On October 18th, a newly-elected Town Council has a fresh chance to build again on the work of the past.

Now is the time for new vision, priorities, and directions. Now is the time for strong, experienced leadership to take our community to the next level.

I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks, to hear your concerns and your hopes for the future of Three Hills. I am also excited to share my vision for the future of Three Hills with you.

Once I have met as many of you as possible, I will offer my formal policy positions at the Candidates Forum being arranged by the Chamber of Commerce. I hope to see you there.

Follow me on Facebook @Jeannette Austin for Mayor of Three Hills and on Instagram @jeannette3hills. Feel free to email me at jeannette@excello.ca.

Community, Vision, Energy

Being born and raised in Three Hills, my family and I have deep roots here. I have lived elsewhere to further my education and training, grow my career, and take on new challenges, but I have always returned to the place I call home.

In 2016, my husband and I moved to Three Hills so that I could partner with my son in purchasing a business owned by Norris Kirk and my father, Vernon Wiebe. We built a new building and opened Kirk’s Heating & Custom Sheet Metal Ltd. in July of 2015.

In being here, I want to help safeguard all that has been entrusted to our community by the people of Three Hills and the Councils that have come before and take new action to make us even better and stronger together.

I am a passionate community leader who is committed to delivering the kind of strong, experienced leadership that Town Council needs as we help move Three Hills forward into the future.

Since becoming a part of the Three Hills community I have been involved with the following organizations over the years:

Three Hills & District Chamber of Commerce


Three Hills Minor Hockey and Didsbury Minor Hockey

Power Skating Instructor

Three Hills, Calgary, Trochu, and Didsbury

Figure Skating Coach

Business and Professional Women’s Club of Kamloops

International Women’s Day Committee Chair

Leadership and Experience

For the Mayor, leadership is the ability to energize and encourage others, the ability to find a way for every member of Council to contribute to making something extraordinary happen for Three Hills.

Experience has shown me that Council relies on the Mayor to lead in different ways at different times: assessing the individual situation, helping set priorities, taking the lead on some things and delegating others, ensuring everyone is engaged and heard, while moving decisions forward.

Over the last 37 years of my career, I have been actively participating at the Municipal level of government. My experience and education in various departments has given me a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Town Administration, Town Council, and the Mayor.

Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things,” and I could not agree more.

Formal Education

University of Alberta

Local Government Administration Certificate

Mount Royal College

Diploma in Recreation Administration

Current Professional Roles

Kirk’s Heating & Custom Sheet Metal Ltd.


Alberta Public Works Association

Executive Director

EXCELLO, est. 2008



Content Creator and Facilitator, Mastering Your Recovery – Wellness and Resiliency Series

Presenting to clients of Community Futures Wild Rose in Strathmore, helping individuals, business owners and companies deal with the personal stress and corporate aftershocks of COVID-19.


Municipal Level

I have 13 years of employment experience at the municipal level, having worked in the following roles:

Town of Three Hills

Operations Coordinator and Recreation Coordinator

Starland County and Kneehill County

Water Conservation and Watershed Coordinator

Town of Carstairs

Director of Community Services, Director of Operations, Manager of Development

City of Calgary

North Area Special Event Coordinator

I have had the privilege of working in the Public Works & Operations, Development, Community Services, Recreation and Agriculture departments. I have seen first-hand how five different municipalities manage these departments. My time at these locations was invaluable to my education of municipal government and what I do today. It was throughout that decade that my passion for this work was solidified and set me up to start my own consulting firm that would eventually work alongside municipalities all over Alberta and British Columbia.

Some of my first-hand experiences were:
  • Launching the community block party for the Town of Carstairs. This was created to bring the residents of this bedroom community together and to inform them on the activities, clubs, sports and recreation opportunities available
  • Overseeing the development of new residential subdivisions including construction and completion in the Town of Carstairs
  • Creating the Sidewalk Inspection Policy in 1998 for the Town of Three Hills. This policy has since been updated, but the bulk of the original policy is still being used today
  • Working with the Kneehill Watershed Advisory Council to develop sustainable agricultural practices in the Kneehill and Starland Counties
  • Organizing special events, summer programs and the Walking in our Footsteps Youth Leader conference for the City of Calgary

Alongside Municipal Level

I have 15 years of experience working alongside the municipal level of government. I have worked with over 100 municipalities all over Alberta and British Columbia; those roles included:

Alberta Public Works Association and Public Works Association of B.C

Executive Director

Mountain View Seniors Housing Corporation

Human Resources Director

Public Works Supervisor Certificate Program, BCIT

Course Instructor

Ravenhill Group Inc

Regional Manager

Local Government Administrator’s Association in Alberta

Zone 3 Director

GEMCO Enterprises

Facilitator and Trainer, Self-Employment Business Plan to Community Futures – Thompson Country

Some of my first-hand experiences in these roles were: 
  • Creating policies and procedures to support the Association’s operations, as executive director. Working with the Board, organizing and instructing courses, workshops and annual conferences for over 300 delegates. Managing all website, social media and information for the Associations
  • Developing the HR department including policies, hiring and training procedures and staff recognition and development plans for Mountain View Seniors Housing Corporation
  • Recruiting and hiring for Municipal Governments across Western Canada, main recruiting positions were CAOs, Public Works & Recreation Directors
  • Developing curriculum and course content for people in the Public Works Field and Public Works administration
  • Attending and presenting at Conferences & Trade Shows, including:
    • Alberta Urban Municipal Association and Local Government Managers
    • Alberta Water & Wastewater Association to represent APWA
    • Federation of Communities and Municipalities representing Ravenhill
    • Attending and presenting at international events such as Public Works Expo (PWX)
  • Networking with Alberta Government Ministry Directors, CAOs, Public Work Directors and staff at a variety of events, meetings and conferences