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Authentic Courageous Leadership

Authentic = vulnerable; being vulnerable is courageous!

Being Authentically Courageous means being REAL, talking about your challenges, struggles, and fears alongside with your strengths, joys, and passions,

Sharing my experiences with other people to challenge them to grow, learn, and become an Authentically Courageous Leader!

“Y” Me? Leading a Generation that Knows It All

“Y” Me? Why do I have to be the one to change?

Each generation is guided by a different set of values, beliefs, and expectations. With 5 of them working side by side in todays workforce, how can you successfully lead?

Dos it need to be us vs them?

From this presentations;

  • Gain an understanding of the divergent values, preferences, and priorities of all generations in organizations and workforces today.
  • Learn tips for leading all generations while respecting them as individuals.
  • Learn who your people are, discover how they lear, and work with them to be the best they can be.

With 5 generations working side by side today, and with each of these generations

Difficult (Fierce) Conversations

Are there any conversations that you’ve been pushing aside – with your boss, colleague, employe, customer, husband, parent, child or yourself – that if you were able to have, might change everything? A fierce (or difficult) conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real. It is not cruel, barbarous, or threatening. If you were to look at a thesaurus fierce has the following synonyms: robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager, unbridled uncurbed, untamed. This keynote will;

  • Provide attendees with tools to have those difficult conversations.
  • Inspire you to be open and honest in your everyday conversations.

Public Works the Heart of Every Community 

My heroes don’t wear uniforms with shiny buttons or capes, nor do they have super powers. They do however help protect us every day, and without them there would be no showers, or drinking water and the streets would be overrun by garbage or large potholes.

Public Works is the heart of every community. They are the quiet, unassuming heroes who go about their job with little to no public recognition. They work long hours, in all weather conditions to repair water breaks so their communities can turn on the tap.

From this keynote your audience will;

  • Recognize with pride the work that Public Works employees do every day.
  • Be inspired and motivated.